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  1. main botle image 5-HTP1
    5-HTP (100 mg)
    Promotes Cognitive Health
    • Supports healthy sleep, mood, and appetite.
    • Safe alternative to L-tryptophan, that supports serotonin and melatonin levels while allowing your body to self-regulate these neurohormones.† 
    SKU# 5HTP1
    100 CAPSULES 
  2. main botle image 5-HTP
    5-HTP (50 mg)
    Promotes Cognitive Health
    • Supports healthy sleep, mood and appetite
    • Safe alternative to L-tryptophan, that supports serotonin and melatonin levels while allowing your body to self-regulate these neurohormones. 
    SKU# 5HTP
    100 CAPSULES 
  3. Bottle Image ALC9
    Acetyl-L-Carnitine (500 mg)
    Neurological Support

    Support for healthy nerve and brain function especially during aging.

    SKU# ALC9
    90 CAPSULES 
  4. main bottle image ABC
    Active B Complex
    High-Potency, Activated Forms for Whole Body Support
    • Supplies a full complement of bioavailable B vitamins
    • Supports energy and metabolism, and healthy brain, liver, and nerve cell function
    • Supports digestive tract muscle tone
    SKU# ABC
    60 CAPSULES 
  5. Main Bottle ABT
    Active B Trio™
    Supports healthy methylation
    • Bioactive forms of vitamin B12, folate, and B6
    • Highest bioavailability of these essential B vitamins
    SKU# ABT
    60 CAPSULES 
  6. main product image ABF
    Active B12-Folate
    Supports red blood cell function, energy metabolism, and neurological health
    • High-potency, bioavailable, fast-dissolving tablets
    • Promotes healthy mood
    • Supports brain, vascular, and nervous system function
    SKU# ABF
    60 TABLETS 
  7. Bottle Image_ADR
    Adrenal Cortex
    Supports Healthy Adrenal Function

    This glandular concentrate contains whole adrenal cortex that is sourced from pasture-fed, pesticide free bovine herds that are BSE-free. This extract is lyophilized (freeze-dried) to preserve biological activity.

    SKU# ADR
    120 CAPSULES 
  8. Main bottle swatch
    Promotes Energy and Stamina†
    • A combination of plant-derived adaptogens plus pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) supports your adrenals, neurotransmitters, cardiovascular, and central nervous systems.
    • Helps your body adapt to biological, physical, and chemical stressors.
    SKU# ADN
    120 CAPSULES
  9. Bottle Image V135-06
    Alpha-Ketoglutaric Acid
    Nervous System Support

    Alpha-ketoglutarate is a nitrogen scavenger and a source of glutamate and glutamine that stimulates protein synthesis and slows the loss of muscle protein.

    SKU# V135-06
  10. Alpha-Lipoic Acid
    Supports liver detoxification

    This vitamin-like nutrient helps neutralize free radicals restoring other antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E, and glutathione. Supports the liver.

    SKU# V293-06
  11. Bottle Image CP3455
    Alpha-Lipoic Acid (500 mg)
    Powerful, biologically available antioxidant

    This well-researched antioxidant protects cells from oxidative damage supporting liver, immune, vision, cardiovascular and neurological health.

    SKU# CP3455
  12. BI_ASW
    Ashwagandha Extract
    Support for Occasional Stress

    Supports balanced mood and healthy response to perceived stress.

    SKU# ASW
    60 CAPSULES 
  13. Bottle Image V803-10
    B Complex Plus
    Essential B Vitamins

    A high-potency, complete range of essential B vitamins including the active forms of folate (Metafolin® L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate) and vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin) which are the forms easiest for the body to digest, absorb and use.†

    SKU# V803-10
  14. B12 Liquid (1 mg)
    Active, coenzyme form of vitamin B12

    Methylcobalamin is the active form of vitamin B12. The liquid form helps your body absorb and use this essential vitamin fast and efficiently.

    SKU# CP1180
    1 FL OZ (30 ML) LIQUID
  15. Main Bottle BEN
    Supports blood sugar regulation and nerve health
    • Supports healthy energy metabolism.
    • Fat-soluble form enters cells more readily and may be easier for your body to absorb and use.
    • Inhibits several pathways involved in glucose-induced vascular changes.
    • Supports healthy neuron function by assisting in the metabolism of glucose, the brain’s major energy source.
    SKU# BEN
    60 CAPSULES 

Items 1-15 of 214

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